Tiffany is an engaged coach who actively listens to her clients. When presented with issues she meets the challenge by being prepared with readings, personal work for the client, and recalls a surprising level of detail related to the issue in subsequent sessions. She is compassionate, empathetic, and genuine.
— Dione, Artist & Mother
If you are filled with analytical confusion, she will respond with an intuitive grasp of what you have been feeling. If on the other hand, you are emotionally visceral, she will unfolded it into sensible realities that other professional therapist often miss. She brings both the Yin & Yang into practice.  Ms Forsyth is the “mirror” when examining your life path or actualizing the dream you hold dearly.
— Brian, Art Producer
My soul retrieval, conducted by Tiffany, was one of the singular most powerful and beautiful spiritual experiences of my life. It has been a key event in my ongoing process of healing past traumas. Tiffany herself is deeply intuitive and caring, and was the ideal person to lead this ritual.
— Thomas, Art PhD Student & Writer
Tiffany has been the advocate of a broader, wiser and happier version of myself to the narrow person I had become after having been focused too many years on the demands of my job. She created a vision of a changed life I could embrace and use for support as I worked to break old habits and mindsets that were limiting me. My life now feels like it is growing and expanding as the result of the work I have been able to do with Tiffany’s help.
— Ken, Engineer at Boeing
Tiffany has been more than a recovery coach to me. She has taken a vested interest in my recovery, well being, and basic life issues. I am so fortunate to have Tiffany advocating for me regarding housing, medical issues, everyday life issues...there is no limit to what she is willing to help me with. I would not have the quality of life as I do today without Tiffany in my corner. 
— Jason, Interior Designer
Tiffany is truly one of the most admirable and passionate advocates for recovery. She is a deeply connected resource and incredible coach, and her support is a huge factor in my currently successful attempt in recovery. She is a legitimately involved member in the front line against addiction. 
— Tyler, Welder & Glass Blower