How do I know if Coaching and/or Mentoring are right for me? 

It is my opinion that this type of therapeutic support is helpful and healing all the time! But having a specific intention/focus/question can definitely lead the way. 

Are you feeling dissatisfied, or in a rut with your personal or professional life? Are you seeking guidance, accountability, inspiration, balance? 

Have you temporarily lost your lust for life, or have some personal passions been abandoned or put to the wayside? 

Are you ready to explore a path of healing in a safe container, and process some personal issues, ideas, history, hurts? 

Are you wanting to discover ways to heal to wholeness and maximize your potential? (Your Gifts, Talents, and Abilities) 

Are you wanting to show up for your life in a more authentic, congruent and truthful way? 

If any of these apply, Coaching and/or Mentoring might be a good fit. Please give me a call and I would love to continue the conversation. 

How long is the Commitment? 

There is absolutely no commitment nor obligation. I want you to have what works for you! I work with people weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. What's important for me is that you are satisfied, and that our work together feels sustainable and supportive. 

What if I don't know what I want to work on? 

What a beautiful way to begin! Together we can explore what potential areas of focus could be. I am an advocate of a comprehensive approach, so we can use all areas of your life as touchstones. 

What if I'm not ready to consider a spiritual path? 

That is just fine. I'm as practical as I am mystical, and we will only cover what you are comfortable with. 

What if everything in my life is going great? 

This is such good news! Stability is an invitation to go deeper into yourself, your relationships, your healing, and consider any unanswered Life Dreams that have been calling.