Coach & Mentor


Creative Coaching

Do you have a project, a private passion, a dream, or some deeply meaningful work that rests on the wayside, or back burner? Perhaps it got lost in the bustle of life? 

Or have you been feeling stagnant, disillusioned, or uninspired at work and you want more passion, engagement, and meaning in your work life? Perhaps some demons of the imagination are whispering in your ear, telling you there isn't enough time, it won't make a difference, or it's silly and ridiculous to dream…

Let's Talk!  We can silence the doubt, embolden your confidence and realign your actions so you can move forward towards what you have always wanted.

We co-create an outline for your vision, discuss time tables, accountability, sources of inspiration and integration, and how you desire the process to unfold. As a Coach, I am a confidant, an ally, and a champion of your dreams. I believe in your creation, and hold you fully accountable during the process. 

Why not You...  Why not Now?  What do you really want? And what do you want to show the world?.


Spiritual Mentoring

During Spiritual Mentoring, we have meetings around the status of your mind, body, heart, and Spirit. Any number of healing modalities can be explored, but most often I work through the Four Fold Way by Angeles Arrien. Briefly, The Four Fold Way encourages us to manifest our inner Warrior, Healer, Teacher, and Visionary. We do this by Showing up and Choosing to Be Present in our Lives, by Doing the Work that has Deep Heart and Meaning to our Souls, through Telling the Truth Without Blame or Judgment, and by being Open the Outcome and Not Attached to the Outcome. 

To everyone in my life and anyone I have worked with, I recommend some degree of experience or exposure to the Teachings, Trainings, and deeply moving Healing work of Char Sundust.  It is a great privilege to be in private Mentorship with Char and to currently serve as a Teacher's Assistant for her classes.