Think of all of the things you want..                                                                                                      

Most of us would probably say we want and hope to always have a safe home, good health, close and loving family and friends, and supportive work in the world. Those are the foundations, and they have proven themselves to be of utmost importance in our lives. Beyond that, many of us want time for our hobbies and interests, freedom to travel. .. 

Now, go past that...   What is it you really, really want? 

What is the dream beyond a beautiful life? What else is in your heart?

We all have so many gifts, talents, and dreams that life can somehow shuffle away. I ask you to bring it forward into consideration. 

Now is the time to look, explore, and share it...

Imagine what it would be like to have this daydream be part of your active life dream? 

After many years of struggle, I have fully embraced my path as an Artist.. It came with its own with heartbreak, frustration, and tough decision making. While it wasn't and isn't easy, it also brought the bounty of freedom, of liberation, and I feel the exciting sensation of right placement. 

I'm not suggesting we all change our lives immediately, but I'm curious, what paths have always been a point of wonder in your heart? What small steps can be taken, so you can walk in this unknown way of you? This way that perhaps has always been in you. 

What treasures are buried in the foreign fields of your curious and creative heart? 

I would love to know.. 

Tiffany Forsyth